Tash Lockie

Of the four types of intuitive gifts, Tash mainly uses clairvoyance (seeing in the minds eye) and claircognizance (a download of information to the brain!) but she often also receives information via hearing (clairaudience), and feeling (clairsentience)… every reading is different! She is often described as honest but kind, with a knack for getting to the heart of the matter! Her intention is to provide guidance that is helpful and inspiring so that you come away feeling like you have more clarity and peace of mind.

About Me

Intuitive, Yogi, Friend, Wife & Mother…

Born and raised in beautiful New Zealand, I spent my childhood seeing and feeling things that were not my own, it wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I learnt what it meant to be an empath. After this realisation I was able to learn boundaries and how to distinguish between what was mine and someone else’s. Quite by accident I started giving tarot card readings a couple of years ago… and it just kind of snowballed into in-depth and very accurate readings from there!

My love of yoga started in my late 20’s when I was (finally) diagnosed with a condition called Hypothyroidism. The mindfulness and movement of yoga helped to lift my energy, calm my nerves and relieve my inflamed body of chronic pain. In 2015 I opened my Yoga studio – Beginner Yogi, in Wellington and have spent the last four years working hard to create a space for people to learn and enjoy the therapeutic, mental and physical benefits that Yoga promotes. The friendship and community at Beginner Yogi is one I treasure and hold very close to my heart.

I often refer to myself as Ms. Chatty McChatterson… because I love a good chat! If you’re someone who is able to skip the small talk and give me something real to listen to, I’m yours forever! I love meeting people, listening to their stories and sharing my own. It took me many years but I have an amazing and beautiful network of friends who I have met on my travels and I am so grateful to them for their support, laughter and honesty.

It might sound cliche but my husband is my best friend. We’ve been together for 13 years, 12 of them just the two of us and then Mila arrived in October 2018, and our little family became three! What a blessing these little souls are and what a privilege it is to have the job of helping them to find their way in this world of ours.


Tash gave me the most accurate reading I’ve ever had!

“It was literally spot on and gave me some really amazing insight that was refreshing, honest and totally what I needed to hear. I’ll be booking in for some energy healing asap! There is work to do! Thanks so much Tash, you’ve got a really special gift.”

What can I say Tash, other than WOW!!!

“I simply can’t believe how accurate your reading was. You have quite simply blown me away.”

Like a fairy godmother!

“Direct, honest, no bullshit or fluff – just pure unadulterated truth. Literally like a fairy godmother swooping in with the answers. Tash is a lady so connected to her own innate wisdom and intuition that she is able to guide you to access your own.”

Holy shit Tash this is so spot on!

“Like crazy spot on with the past and present. Soon really hope some of that light from the future comes through real soon xxx Sending you gratitude and love. Thank you so much.”