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honest. kind. accurate. A reading with me is like a check in with your Soul.

My sun is in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius, I’m Libra Rising…and I am a Manifesting Generator…

Which means that I like to chat (Chatty Cathy), am always watching the room (checking out the vibes), generally pleasant (generally) and cannot box myself into just one job or path in life. I’m the friend who is always doing some training or another, following my inner ding to satisfy my natural curiosity so I can then share it with others.

Intuitive Readings

We can meet in-person via Zoom, or I can send you a written or recorded reading…whatever way you like it, when I tune in to your Soul’s vibration you will have the chance to meet yourself and gain insight into any area or topic in your life. My energy will be honest and kind, with a strong connection to spirit. My intention is that you are left feeling inspired, calm and in awe of yourself.


Lift your vibration, meet your spirit guides, cleanse and activate your chakras and meet your true self. My meditations are free for all to use and perfect for beginners to regular practitioners. Please feel free to use these meditations as often as you wish, and share with family and friends.

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