tash lockie

Of the four types of intuitive gifts, Tash mainly uses clairvoyance (seeing in the minds eye) and claircognizance (a download of information to the brain!) but she often also receives information via hearing (clairaudience), and feeling (clairsentience)… every reading is different! She is often described as honest but kind, with a knack for getting to the heart of the matter! Her intention is to provide guidance that is helpful and inspiring so that you come away feeling like you have more clarity and peace of mind.

About Me

psychic. mystic. healer. witch.

Some of my earliest memories are of feeling a deep empathy for others. I’d often get upset when walking past an elderly person that I just knew was feeling lonely and sad, and would take on the feeling of distress from kids getting bullied at school. It created a lot of anxiety, some of it mine and some of it from others!

Eventually I learnt to distinguish my own ‘stuff’ from other peoples and to also be grateful for my sensitivity, I am a communicator and  I consider it a great gift to be able to empathise and connect with so many souls.

I like to think of myself as part of the new paradigm of intuitive’s, mystics, witches or whatever you’d like to call us! We’re all about helping you to find clarity, connecting you to your souls vibration, empowering you to believe in yourself and inspiring you to take action so that you’re living your best life.

A reading with me is like having a chat with an old friend. Myself and my spirit team will lift the fog, remind you of what your soul already knows, and gift you with practical ideas and steps on how to create a life that – as my beloved Marie Kondo says – Sparks Joy!

I often call myself Chatty Cathy, because I love a good chat. Talk to me about anything real and honest and I’m all yours! You’ll often find me out and about, looking for new friends and connections –  if you’ve got something good to natter about come say hi! or get in touch contact@tashlockie.com 

I am a proud wife to my bestie Matt, and blessed mama to Mila Fae. These two are everything, life is better with them by my side. On the weekends you will find us out for walks, roaming around and enjoying the beautiful Hawkes Bay climate.




Tash gave me the most accurate reading I’ve ever had!

“It was literally spot on and gave me some really amazing insight that was refreshing, honest and totally what I needed to hear. I’ll be booking in for some energy healing asap! There is work to do! Thanks so much Tash, you’ve got a really special gift.”

What can I say Tash, other than WOW!!!

“I simply can’t believe how accurate your reading was. You have quite simply blown me away.”

Like a fairy godmother!

“Direct, honest, no bullshit or fluff – just pure unadulterated truth. Literally like a fairy godmother swooping in with the answers. Tash is a lady so connected to her own innate wisdom and intuition that she is able to guide you to access your own.”

Holy shit Tash this is so spot on!

“Like crazy spot on with the past and present. Soon really hope some of that light from the future comes through real soon xxx Sending you gratitude and love. Thank you so much.”