Are you carrying ancestral trauma?

Mum gave me the picture above of me and my beloved nana recently. She died about ten years ago but she has always feels near and often comes in for a chat during readings. Finding this photo seems relevant at the moment…the topic of ancestors has been coming up a lot lately, in the space of a week I had three people contact me in regards to ancestral healing and asking for advice on how one might go about beginning what can often feel like an intimidating process.

For those that are unfamiliar with the term, I see ancestral healing as a process that one begins in order to stop harmful cycles that occur within family groups over generations. It can be beliefs, trauma, conditioning and life patterns and I’ve seen it mainly passed from one woman to the next – perhaps because I am female and tend to talk to other females about it!

An example I can give is one where a friend of mine had always had a deep rooted fear about being taken away from her babies, actually her fear was that she would be locked up in an institution. While talking to her grandmother one day she was told the story of her great great great (!) grandmother who was taken away from her babies very young and locked up until she died of old age. It was the first time my friend had heard this story but she recognised it as her very own fear. Seeing photos of her ancestor, it was clear they were very similar to look at as well!

Hearing the story of her relative was a revelation, realising that she may have, what you might call ‘inherited’ her ancestors fear and pain could be enough to heal or begin to release the fear that she carried with her into this life.

Sometimes it’s simply just finding out more about your ancestors, acknowledging their stories. Other times it takes a lot more guts and work, if there is trauma involved then its really serious and takes commitment and often means exposing family secrets or having awkward conversations.

I personally think there is a generation of women who have come here in this life to stop the cycles that have been repeating in families for too many generations. Myself one of them.

I wonder, is this resonating with any of you at the moment?

I’d love to know if it is, I really find it fascinating!

Sending love and well wishes,