Channeled message 14.04.20

Truth. Trust. Liberation. Sovereignty.

This is a channeled message that I received by surprise. I hadn\’t consciously connected with spirit, so wasn\’t expecting anything to come through. I was told that the intention for this message is for the reader to say the below out loud (though I completely understand that you may wish to read silently first) and it will be especially resonate to those who have had a Chakra Upgrade with me.

The message, as it was received by me:

I SEE the truth and live it in accordance to what the truth is for me. 

I TRUST completely the reliability and ability of myself.

I LIBERATE myself from any inherited trauma or beliefs and live as a free being.

I AM the supreme power and authority of my body, thoughts, experience, decisions; life.

My breath grounds me to Earth

My spirit connects me to the Divine

My Soul keeps me in Alignment




Sovereignty (of Self).

I treat all beings with respect and kindness and I mindfully listen to the truth as others know it, but I do not make it my reality until I have given myself a moment to take a breath and take note of my own truth.

My priority is to lift my vibration and live from this place, this spacious and limitless energy. My diligence and practice invites others up, to where we are all One.

I offer my hand out to you.

I do not show you the way, but extend you an invitation to contemplate and discover your own truth.

Surrender to your own inner compass and trust yourself to see the way, and know the truth, to liberate yourself from old paradigm, and take back your sovereignty.

You belong to yourself.

So observe instead of absorb.

Let love, kindness, vulnerability be your anchor and your compass.

Connect to your anchor and compass daily. 

Allow yourself the experience of the Divine flowing through you.

It is what you are made of, 

You are Divine.

So let it all go and take a deep breath in, and out.

You are made of The Divine, so divine you must be.

Welcome Home Beloved.