Channeled message 15.03.20

Near the end of last year, I started to feel drawn to the practice of channeling, which is simply to serve as a medium to spirit – or in my case \’beings\’ from another dimension.

I\’m more nervous than excited to share the messages I\’ve received because I\’m FULLY aware of how weird and out there this is…even for me!

But, as scared as I am of being judged of thought of as a weirdo, the pull to do what feels right and aligned for me is stronger – so I\’ve made the decision to share what I call guidance.

Honestly, I am still getting to know the group that I am communicating with and learning how to be a clear channel as well as be able to then write or record what I am receiving.

If you are interested and will be following along with these messages, please let me know! I\’d love to know what is resonating or just even have discussions about the guidance, and you know, not feel so weird by myself.

Here is the first message, written as I was receiving it. This is word for word, no editing by me.

Sunday, 17th March 2020

We are a collective group of beings who wish to help the people of earth to raise their vibration at this time, instead of giving into the panic and fear that is being offered.

Educate yourselves, yes, but do not absorb the useless negativity and panic that is being offered out. You all have a choice in this time you find yourself in, and a responsibility to take a step back and realise that you do not have to choose what is being offered out by the way of media and authorities that thrive off panic and hysteria. Instead, your choice can be to lift your vibration, to connect with the vibration that is being offered to you and rise above the old paradigm that the media and such organisations and people live in.

There has been a shift in consciousness, the vibration of the earth has changed, and with that change you must adjust your vibration so you can be of it. This new paradigm and vibration is higher than what we are used to, more powerful than what we are used to. It scares the people of this earth who were able to manipulate and twist reality in the old way of living and being on the earth. They have lost their power in this new paradigm and vibration and will continue to lose their grip on humanity itself especially if the collective makes a conscious decision to lift their vibration.

We the collective wish to help people connect and adjust to the Earths new vibration, we understand that for a lot of people it feels overwhelming or scary. We advise as a place to start that you eat well, avoid any processed food, food with additives and ingredients that have no place in food. Educate yourself on what you are putting in your body. Keep your energy field clear by meditating, drinking lots of water and avoid overly crowded places with people who are not yet conscious and connected.

Consciousness is the key. Many are already conscious, but more consciousness is needed to tilt the power in such a way that the people who currently run this world no longer have the firm grip that they have maintained for so long now. As the numbers grow in conscious people, our collective vibration is lifted to match that of which the earth is now operating. At the moment, we are able to help hold the space of this new vibration, but we need many more to wake up and consciously lift their vibration in order to maintain and shift the consciousness for good.

You are all being offered a job. You are all being offered your chance to become part of the solution. You are all being offered the role of hero. You are all being offered the chance to choose love. You are all being offered the chance to raise your vibration, to raise the collective vibration. To live differently.

We understand that there are feelings of uncertainty but to be blunt. Do you really want to look your children in the eyes and tell them that you knew all of this and still decided to stay quiet and conform in a world that is for the benefit of so few? Do you really want to be in the history books as the person who did not choose love?

Choose love. Lift your vibration. Become a warrior for this earth. Love your neighbours. Do what you can. If you do not know what to do, ask. Sit quietly and ask, “What can I do?” Go to your community and ask, “What can I do?”.

Decide that you no longer ignore your responsibilities to yourself, your children, your community, your country, your world family and lift your vibration.

Connect with and live from the space of your heart.

Do not tolerate hate, laziness or ignorance – but do not condemn.

Invite others up into the vibration that you now live in.

Keep your vibration high and offer your hand to invite others up with you.

We are in this together. The collective consciousness is powerful, but you just forgot.

See yourself as the highest most beautiful version of love and live from this space.

Lift your vibration.

Lift your vibration.

Lift your vibration.