Channeled message 16.03.20

The below was channeled by myself during a meditation. The message that I channeled the previous day was written as it was being received but the below was notes I took after the meditation and then I have elaborated on the guidance, a.k.a it is my interpretation of what I saw and heard.

Monday, 16th March 2020

  1. Choose your community wisely. Place yourself among neighbors who you will support and who will support you.

These were the words I heard very clearly during the meditation, my understanding is that it means literally – as in the people that surround you in your neighborhood – but also friends etc too. If in the future we find ourselves in a time where we rely on our very local community for support we need to be among people who are willing to work together to prosper.

    2. The numbers 333 and 444.

The numbers 333 were very clear in my minds eye. When I was sick in 2011 (Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto\’s) I used to see the numbers 333 all the time. It is believed within spiritual circles that the number sequence 333 symbolises growth and spiritual awakening, and I definitely went through both all those years ago! It is my understanding that showing me these numbers now is a message for the collective, we are all going through a period of growth (as well as adjustment to the earths new vibration/energy) and spiritual awakening. We are being asked to step up, speak up and show up as the person we came here to be. To do the job we agreed to do. To take action on the things that speak to our hearts. Even though most of the time it scares us. We need to take responsibility for what we are ignoring or trying to hide or ignore because we are uncomfortable. Growth and awakening is awkward, it puts us in situations that we have to speak up and make others feel awkward – but we must commit to it anyway. Don\’t worry, I\’m feeling it too. I\’m privileged enough that I have been able to act ignorant for most of my life, but I\’m working on taking responsibility for my place and part in this new world. I invite you to join me, we can walk new roads together.

The numbers 444 relate to The Pleiadians, which are believed to be a highly evolved humanoid race who sometimes communicate via mediums like myself. They belong to a star cluster and  are 444.2 light years away from earth. I\’m still learning about this group of (helpful!) beings so I\’m hesitant to write too much but I do believe a lot of people are seeing the numbers 444 and the message from The Pleiadians is one of support and healing.

    3.  The colour (and energy/aura) of the virus: moody blue, grey like wet cement, beige like wet sand, black.

In the middle of the meditation I felt swept up suddenly, like I was spiraled into the air and for a few moments was shown and could feel the aura and energy of COVID-19. It was one of the most surreal things I\’ve ever experienced and really struggle to put it into words other than what I wrote in the note above. I\’m interested to know if I came in contact with someone with the virus whether I would see it in their aura.

That\’s it! Thanks to everyone who is reading these blogs and letting me know that you resonate and are feeling it too, I truly appreciate it.

Oh, if anyone has any recommendations on books or blogs about The Pleiadians I\’d love to hear from you! 

Tash xo