Healing through the eyes

I once spent my entire Saturday staring into people’s eyes! Some very brave souls actually volunteered to do this with me and believe me when I say committing to stare into another person’s eyes for 5-7 minutes is not an easy thing to do.

Healing through the eyes is not something to be taken lightly, it is a very old practice and it is said that it was often used in ancient Egypt – not always in a positive way! – so it is something that I take very seriously and prepare for through opening space and making sure the right intention and protection is in place.

I spent the Friday afternoon beginning to create and open space as I was taught by my teacher and inviting the soul groups of participants to form a protective circle around their person. On Saturday morning I officially opened the space (I used the studio) and spent time in meditation and moving into the role of the channel so that the healings could take place.

If reading the word ‘channel’ freaks you out, don’t worry I’m still just normal ole me (no scenes out of Exorcist here) it’s just that I am able to channel energy, divine presence, healing light, good vibes…whatever you want to call it!

As each person arrived for their session, I spent a few minutes just chatting so that they felt comfortable and at ease before we started – when I felt they were ready I invited them to sit across from me on a chair. I then explained what the process was and allowed time for them to ask any questions that came up, most just laughed nervously but were ready to begin.

My process as I explained it to the participants and my experience was as follows;

I began by letting them know that the ‘space’ had been created and opened the previous afternoon and that morning and that they were protected by their own unique soul group which consists of eleven other aspects of their soul, who were forming an energetic circle around them.

When it came to the healing itself I assured participants that it is perfectly normal to feel like you want to laugh or cry (or both!) and to let whatever rises be released. I let the participants know that they may feel a surge of energy through the body or a twitchy feeling and that the only ‘rule’ was that they maintain eye contact throughout. I explained that it isn’t Me doing the healing, I am just a channel and ultimately a mirror for the participant to gaze into and see themselves clearly. It is important to note that from an outsider’s perspective it just looks like the person is sitting still, gazing into another s eyes – again, don’t judge it by what you’ve seen in the movies!

Before we began I asked them to have their feet flat on the floor if possible, and to close their eyes and practice deep even breathing in and out of the nostrils. While they focused their attention inwards, I too closed my eyes and went through my ritual to become the channel and initiate healing with the person in front of me. Once I felt ready I opened my eyes and then invited them to do so as well.

Some opened them quickly, others took a couple of extra breaths.

I noticed a couple of interesting things through the day. The first is that for the first minute or so of eye contact it was the ego looking back at me. After a short period, the ego stepped aside and the soul stepped forward, the gazing become more intense when this happened.

The second thing I noticed was that the healing seemed to go through ‘phases’…the first, as I mentioned was the presence of the ego, followed by the presence of the soul and then, once the real healing began it seemed to be delivered and received in waves. The best I can describe it is that healing energy was delivered in gentle streams until there was a recognition or understanding within the recipient and then at the most intense stage of the healing (often when a surge of energy was felt) was something like acceptance/forgiveness/letting go followed by strong emotions or tears and then the most beautiful look of peace as the healing came to an end. For some people I observed this pattern twice in the 5-7 minutes that the healing took.

From my point of view, it was like I had front seat tickets to this amazing experience. Once I became the channel it was like I was just watching it unfold. It was one of the most special experiences I have ever had. Part of my job was to also note any ‘feedback’ that was being delivered to me that I could then pass on to participants after the healing, which is similar to having a reading. Basically, if there was something that needed to be passed on verbally then I was shown or told what this was and then verbalised it to the person in front of me.

When I was told the healing was complete I invited the participant to close their eyes and focus once again on their breath while I closed mine and completed the healing. Once I felt the disconnection I invited them to open their eyes when they were ready. Once their eyes were open I got them a glass of water and then asked if they would like the feedback that I received, everyone said yes!

After making sure they felt comfortable, I invited them to move to the ‘chill out’ area I had created and spend a few minutes just grounding themselves before leaving. It was important that participants did not leave until they felt ready to.

I was asked several times whether I felt tired or drained doing this all day, the answer is no – naturally I felt a little tired after ‘working’ all day but energetically I was unaffected because I wasn’t using any of my own energy during the healing, I was simply just the vessel in which it was able to be sent and received.

Throughout the day, watching how only 5-7 minutes of this healing process can positively change people’s lives, I had the realisation that this is what it feels like to Be of Service. I intuitively knew that this was a spiritual gift I had been given and that I would continue to use it, and give it freely. This is not a gift that I will charge money for. I feel that it is my responsibility to use my gift and it seems that being able to create and hold space between this world and the spirit world so that healing can occur, a channel I guess you could say, is mine!

Love and Kindness,