How to connect with your spirit guides

Often when I’m doing a reading for someone I get the sense of or can see in my minds eye a persons spirit guides. In my experience they only appear if the person I am reading is open to them and when I explain them to the person they either nod their head excitedly at my description (because they are already aware of them) or, they are intrigued and want to know more!

It’s the latter that I wanted to write about because for a lot people when they are told they have spirit guides they are excited to find out more but have no idea how exactly to go about it – let alone communicate with them and build a relationship. And people often doubt the connection that they may experience or brush off little signs or synchronicities in the physical world as not significant or made up by an overactive imagination.

I believe each person has many guides, for different areas of your life and also different stages of your life. I know that I have a guide that helps me with business, another who is always present when I am doing healings or in need healing and one who always turns up when I need to more confidence and self esteem. They are a source of support, comfort, strength and joy.

Below are some tips that I have used over the years to connect with my own guides and I’m sharing them with you in the hopes that it might help you to make the connection and enjoy life with your own personal support team!

Find somewhere quiet, sit comfortably and close your eyes. If you know what your guides look like (in your minds eye) or can already sense them around you, sit with that for a moment, allowing yourself to tune in. If you don’t feel a thing…just be open to the experience. Set an intention, say silently or out loud “I am open to meeting and getting to know my spirit guide/s”. Feel free to repeat a few times and then sit quietly and just observe. Feel free to journal any impressions you got while setting your intention.

The easiest (and most fun) way to begin communication with your spirit team is by choosing a sign in the physical world that is shown to you when they are near or want you to know something. I always recommend choosing something completely random – this way you know that you aren’t making it up when you see your sign…be creative…a purple deer, a yellow butterfly, a bright blue bird, a pink angel…you get the drift. If something comes to mind straight away then go with it because it is likely a message from your guides! When you have chosen your special sign say “Spirit guide/s, please let me know you are near or want my attention by showing me a purple deer in the physical world”

Sometimes fear gets in the way of our guides being able to communicate with us. Fear of the unknown or the feeling that you might see a ghost. It’s not like that at all in my experience. Your guides are your support team, they are 100% on your side, your cheerleaders – their job is to guide and help you through life’s winding roads, not freak you out!

Sounds a bit crazy right! But I believe every thought is a prayer and you can chose to send your prayers to your guides. If it makes you feel better you can write in a journal as you talk to them. Tell them what you would like help with, affirm your sign and then just be open to the help that they send your way. Often a solution, resolution or experience comes about in the most ‘blow your mind’ kind of way when working with your spirit team – makes life pretty fun!

Spirit guides offer limitless amounts of support and love. They are never too busy to listen or help. You cannot ask too much of them. It is their job to support you in any way they can. When you are able to form a bond with your spirit team, you will never truly feel alone again – and no, they don’t hang around while you’re in the shower or on the loo…well actually, in one book I read the lady had a wolf as a spirit guide and he used to come sit with her when she had a bath…but that was because that was where she meditated I believe…

If you have questions about your own spirit guides and how you can connect with them or want to know any messages they have for you I would love to work with you to build the relationship. My Clarity Readings are the perfect way to get to know your guides and I often am able to let you know the best way for you to communicate with them too.

Tash xox