purposeful meditations to empower and inspire

These meditations are thoughtfully and purposefully created because I am processing something or when I get a ‘ping’ that the collective will benefit from it. If you have any suggestions or requests please send them through to contact@tashlockie.com

reclaiming your power and authority

This meditation has been created to guide you through the gentle but powerful process of taking your power back and reclaiming authority over your life. Go on a journey with me to meet the highest version of yourself, take your power back and enjoy a powerful healing from light beings.

This meditation is perfect for anyone ready to step into their power and let go of victim mentality.


creating magic in 2020

This meditation has been created for you to reflect on the last decade and invite you to let go of anything you don’t want to take into 2020 and the new decade.

This guided meditation is perfect if you are tired of carrying around that which no longer serves you.


revealing your true self

This meditation has been created for you to reveal your true and authentic self and remove any masks that you have been wearing that keep you small.

This is the perfect meditation for anyone who is tired of hiding who they truly are.