Modern (and improved) definitions to old paradigm words.

I’ve been contemplating words (and labels) that have often been used to describe me over the years, by others and myself.

The words as they were originally defined had a negative feel and made me feel as if the part of me that actually resonated with the word was bad, or weird or wrong.

It all felt so old paradigm, defined by fear and old beliefs and superstitions.

So, I changed them! I swapped the language around so that I felt empowered and liberated. Next time I hear someone say that I’m a witch or one of those ‘psychic’s’ I’ll be like f*ck yeah I am!

Here is my current list of redefined words:

woo woo ~
belief in things such as intuition, spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine even though science hasn’t always caught up.

witch ~
a woman (or man) that cares deeply for Mother Earth and her medicine of plants and herbs.

mystic ~
a person who seeks contemplation, truth and oneness with the divine.

psychic ~
a person who utilises the intuitive gifts that we are all born with to help themselves and others.

healer ~
a person who connects with intuition, channels energy and holds space to start and support the healing process.

The response I’ve had to these new definitions has been pretty amazing, apparently a lot of people were feeling the same as me. 

I’d love to know if there are any words I should be adding to this list of new paradigm definitions, send me an email of a DM via social media if you have one.