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intuitive reading (in-person)

This is an in-person reading with me. We will meet via Zoom and you will have my full attention, I will be tuned into your soul’s vibration, spirit guides and ancestors and will give you a detailed reading. These readings are super special and packed full of spiritual wisdom and psychic insights. These readings are known to be powerful for months, even years after the event!

I will contact you within 48 hours of placing an order to set up a session time. Please note that there may be a wait time of 2-4 weeks depending on bookings.

PRICE $155


intuitive reading (group)

This is an in-person reading with me, and a small group of your friends! Perfect for 2-5 people, each person receives a live reading with me. The group reading is a great way to have a reading with me at a lower price point. 

Group readings are a special thing to do with friends, often there is a theme, wisdom and guidance that is helpful for everyone in the group.

Please email me for availability along with your groups umber.

PRICE $75 per person.


sunday evening circle

Sunday Evening Circle is an online circle – via Zoom. A place for women to come together for peace and quiet. We gather at night to share space with kindred spirits, to meditate, contemplate and relax. There is no intention for you to set, nothing required from you apart from allowing me to hold the sacred space of the group so that you can anchor back into yourself and enjoy the energy that comes from being in circle.

When we come together in circle we will:

  • meditate
  • contemplate
  • relax

There is no experience necessary for meditation, contemplation or relaxation – my job is to gently guide you into all parts of this experience. You just have to show up.

We begin each circle with meditation. You will be guided through a mindful meditation to open the circle, calm the mind, connect you to your wisdom, anchor you in your heart and invoke deep presence.

Once you are anchored and present, the circle will be taken through a series of questions to contemplate and answer. You may wish to journal during the contemplation time, or simply sit with your eyes closed and observe what comes up. 

The evening will close with a full body relaxation and/or healing designed to relax you deeply, reset the nervous system and set you up for a healing and restorative sleep. 

TBC – new dates coming soon!

PRICE:  $25 per circle.

If this is something that you have never done before, I invite you join us. This is a safe space where nothing is expected from you apart from sitting in circle – via Zoom, from the comfort of your home!

TO REGISTER: please email

Make sure you are on my mailing list to know when the next circle is.

what people are saying about Tash’s readings

I am so so grateful to Tash! She delivered profound insights that were incredibly eye opening and a reminder of my core essence and what I am here to do. Her words helped to soothe some of my anxious thoughts and let me see the wood for the trees in a time that feels tumultuous. I love that she offers her wisdom alongside tips on how to apply the information in real life True Angel. ~Hannah

Tash’s readings are spot on. She has the uncanny ability to get straight to the issue and delivers in an easily digested format. Have found these incredible beneficial and will definitely be getting more in the future, thanks Tash. ~Philly

Tash has a unique combination of patience, wisdom, empathy and clarity that have made every reading I have had with her so valuable. The readings are delivered with kindness in a way that makes sense, they are always what you need to hear. This has helped me on more than one occasion as she focuses not only on what’s needed at the time but also how you can continue to help yourself. ~Sarah

Wonderful experience. Made me feel much more grounded and present. I will be back for more! ~Kylie