Praise Rows

what people are saying about Tash’s readings

I am so so grateful to Tash! She delivered profound insights that were incredibly eye opening and a reminder of my core essence and what I am here to do. Her words helped to soothe some of my anxious thoughts and let me see the wood for the trees in a time that feels tumultuous. I love that she offers her wisdom alongside tips on how to apply the information in real life True Angel. ~Hannah

Tash’s readings are spot on. She has the uncanny ability to get straight to the issue and delivers in an easily digested format. Have found these incredible beneficial and will definitely be getting more in the future, thanks Tash. ~Philly

Tash has a unique combination of patience, wisdom, empathy and clarity that have made every reading I have had with her so valuable. The readings are delivered with kindness in a way that makes sense, they are always what you need to hear. This has helped me on more than one occasion as she focuses not only on what’s needed at the time but also how you can continue to help yourself. ~Sarah

Wonderful experience. Made me feel much more grounded and present. I will be back for more! ~Kylie