The New Chakra System: Part 1

At the end of 2019 I began to experience how I viewed and felt my Chakras. They changed from multi-coloured (red, orange, yellow, green/gold, blue, indigo, purple) to what I can only describe as a blue diamond.

(Side note: I did a little research on blue diamond meanings and think it is quite fitting they are part of the new Chakra System I am experiencing. You can read about blue diamond’s here and here)

They felt different too. With the old Chakra system, I experienced them separately i.e. the base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown and had to work on them individually too. This helped to keep them balanced and aligned (though there was always the imbalance of some were \”healthier\” than others and vice versa) and because there were the aspects of body, mind and spirit there was always a lot of work to be done. A lot of unraveling. Not that I was complaining, I\’ve been knee deep in the exploration of healing since 2011. I f\’n love this sh*t!

The Chakra system that I have been getting to know does not operate from the body, mind and spirit concept. I still see them in the same place – from the base of the spine to the crown of the head – so I guess you can say there are seven of these upgraded energy centres – but they curve as if they are following the natural curve of the spine and they vibrate a different energy. In fact they connect those of us that have had the \”upgrade\” to another dimension. Stay with me.

(Side note: a friend came up with the name \’Chakra Shazam\’ instead of \’Chakra Upgrade\’ as it feels a bit like I\’m explaining a computer upgrade, and I\’m seriously considering using it as it\’s official name.)

Shazam; used to introduce an extraordinary deed, story, or transformation.

I have been meditating and receiving information about the blue diamond Chakras to learn how to look after them, because the old way of meditating on each one for at least 20 mins (often longer) wasn’t working. Whenever I would try this, I would just get a feeling that they were not separate but One. They don\’t seem to need daily maintenance as such.

But there is one rule to keeping them, for lack of better word: energised…they demand truth. They demand that you stay in alignment with who You really are which means the question \”Who Am I?\” is suddenly very relevant. Another observation is this Chakra system doesn\’t work the same as the old where it is either balanced/over-active/under-active as they are often explained. After noticing that there aren\’t as many steps in taking care of my new and improved Chakras I did ask Spirit if there was anything that would make them fade out or dim or run out of battery (!) and the answer was \”By not living your Truth\”.

Sounds super cliché I know. But I have been saying since the last quarter of 2019, when 2020 (and the new decade) rolls around it\’s time to get serious about who you want to be in this world, in this life. It\’s time to drop all the habits, stories, family cycles that keep you stuck and small because we\’re walking into a new vibration and we need to upgrade our energy to match what the Earth\’s putting out. It’s time to drop the old sh*t and raise our vibrations and invite everyone else up with us.

Which brings me to my next interesting (I think!) point. My observation is that when a Chakra Shazam takes place, along with an upgrade of the entire Chakra system I also see a persons, again for lack of better word: negative – patterns/habits/conditioning wiped. The removal and then addition of the new Chakras gives you a clean slate, at least energetically (and karmically?) that is. The physical and mental (a.k.a the mind) bodies may take a little bit of time to catch up, so you will probably find yourself called to clean eating and subtle (or drastic) changes to your diet so that it can heal on the physical plane and you may find yourself sensitive to television and anything else that feeds your mind negative programming while the rest of you catches up. But it does feel that the healing is accelerated after the energetic upgrade. You are literally vibrating on a different level so there is no choice but to just drop what no longer serves you.

I am still in the early stages of getting to know this new Chakra system, still awaiting more information from my main Guide and I know will come as it is meant to, but I can say that this is a very powerful gift from Spirit.

And, there is a second part to this introduction…

It is the Energetic Spine. It seems the new Chakra system and the Energetic Spine work together to help us to raise our vibration into the new vibration that Earth has shifted into. Closer to Spirit. So close.

At present I have received these words to describe what the Energetic Spine represents: Inner Compass. 

More on that later.

Because of my experience with the new Chakra system I feel that I can\’t offer the traditional Chakra Balances & Alignments because I\’m not on the same energetic vibration as the originals anymore.

I am offering Chakra Upgrade to those who genuinely feel called though. These are done (currently) free of charge, via distance healing (not in-person) and are very gentle and relaxing, considering the work that is being done in the non-physical world.

I will finish here, lots to digest and muse over.

I will let you know once Part 2: The Energetic Spine is up on the blog.


p.s… I welcome discussion with anyone who works with the Chakras, especially if you have had any change to how yours look and feel.