Using your spiritual gifts

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others ~ Mahatma Gandhi

In all of the spiritual (and religious I guess, though I’ll admit I’m not familiar with them) texts I’ve read that happiness, joy, peace and contentedness can be found in being of service.

And I think I understood it as a concept but secretly felt a little guilty because I didn’t feel that I had truly experienced what it felt like to be 100% in service.

My definition of ‘Being of Service’ is to use my gifts to help others with no motive or need for validation or payment. I am being of service because it is a gift I have been given and it is my job to serve myself and others by using this gift freely.

My ‘gift’ it seems is being able to create and hold space between this world and the spirit world so that healing can occur, a channel I guess you could say.

Over the years I have helped welcome babies into the world, gently guiding them through the process of being birthed and also helped those transition over to their place of divine rest. Both leave me with a deep sense of purpose and peace, it’s what I do because I can, because when you are given a gift you also have a responsibility to share it with the world.

Spiritual gifts as I like to call them, are natural talents that you have that allow you to easily help others. It may be in the form of healing, teaching, comforting, listening or talking and can be beneficial to adults, children, animals or all of the above!

It is often easier to see spiritual gifts in others than in ourselves so if you really don’t know (and I bet you do deep down) what yours might be, ask friends and family what they think it might be and muse over the replies.

Using your gifts to be of service is a healing in itself, so while you spread good vibes to others you are also receiving all those good vibes into your own energy field – which is why it feels so damn good!

I’d love to know what your spiritual gifts are? Or even just what you maybe think they could possibly be!!!

Love and Kindness,